Some Easy Steps Make Perfect Bread Halwa Recipe?

Bread Halwa Recipe

Furthermore, some easy tips and recommendations to make a perfect Bread Halwa Recipe. Firstly, I have used normal white bread or plain sandwich breads for this recipes, but alternatively you can also use multi grain and whole meal bread too. Secondly, I have cut the bread slices into pieces but you can powder the bread … Read more

How to Make Lauki Ka Halwa Lauki Ka Halwa Recipe

Lauki Ka Halwa Recipe

Lauki ka halwa recipe | dudhi halwa recipe is a rich and creamy indian dessert recipe prepared from grated bottle gourd and sugar. the uniqueness of this traditional indian sweet recipe lies within the individual grated bottle gourd slices which gets crunchy and caramelized with sugar. Lauki Ka Halwa Recipe bottle gourd recipes are very … Read more